TARPEM the biggest online market for all engineering tools, gadgets and spare parts is dedicated to promoting Nigerian entrepreneur. Tarpem provides the platform for Business owners to be able to sell their engineering goods, gadgets and spare parts all across Nigeria with other services such as advertisement, training and logistics services across Nigeria.

Vendors across Nigeria are welcome to sell their products on Tarpem. We are dedicated to increasing vendors revenue by taking their products to buyers all across Nigeria. We also provide convenient and reasonable payment terms.

All vendors are required to read and accept the terms of sale before selling on Tarpem.com

TARPEM.COM reserves the right at its discretion, to change, modify, add, or remove portions of the Terms of Sale at any time. Changes will be effective immediately it’s posted on TARPEM.COM. It is the responsibility of the vendor to check the terms and conditions of sale regularly. Your continued use of the site following the posting of changes to these Terms of Sale means your acceptance in totality all the changes.

Tarpem.com will grant you conditional access to use the site as long as you abide by the terms and conditions.

Service agreement

The Vendor accepts to pay Tarpem for the services provided listed below
  1. Online shop provided for seller with payment access
  2. Logistics services across Nigeria
  3. Advertisement services
  4. Dedicated vendor account manager
  5. Training services

Tarpem reserves the right to remove or add services to the above list.

Vendors will be notify and accept the payment terms before services are provided.

Payment and Compensation

Vendors agree to pay/compensate Tarpem with commissions or other payments as required, in accordance with agreed payment Structure, which was agreed in advance between Tarpem and Vendor.

Tarpem will from time to time review commission structure and will notify the Seller of any changes by communicating directly to sellers by any of the channel listed below

  • Phone call
  • Email
  • Posting on the applicable section on the website
  • SMS
  • Any other applicable legal means

Change in commission structure will be effective after 7 days of notification

Tarpem will pay vendors for sales generated by the vendor on its platform minus the agreed commission, agreed deductions and all applicable taxes as soon as items sold have been delivered, applicable return period, and agreed mature period has lapsed.


Seller accepts to indemnify and hold harmless Tarpem, our vendors, subsidiaries, affiliates, staffs, directors, and agents, as the case may be, free from any claim or demand, including reasonable legal fees, related to your breach or violation of any applicable law and regulation.

Seller affirms that it is legally owned, licensed or have a legally proof of ownership of anything he/she posted on Tarpem.com for sale

Removal and termination of seller agreement

Tarpem reserves the right to remove any seller from its website without prior notice in the event of breach of terms and condition of sale and if any or combination of below rules are breached.

  • Listing of product not legally owned by seller on the Tarpem website
  • Listing of refurbished, used, and damage product as new
  • Listing of refurbished and damage product as used
  • Listing of product with wrong description and pricing in other to deceive buyers
  • Listing of product with inaccurate weight measured in KG (Kilogram)
  • Return of product due to seller’s deliberate fault 3 times
  • Breach of any local and international law
  • Fraudulent practices by the seller
  • Seller not able to make product available for shipment after 2 working days
  • Sellers not complying with return policy
  • Product with improper or wrong description manufacturer’s and country of make identity

Return policy

Tarpem gives grace of 4days for buyers to contact us for return of item provided the reason for return complied with our return policy.

Sellers are advised to read our return policy before listing their products on our site.

Seller who’s item is return base our condition for return will be responsible for 100% shipment fee to the buyer and 50% shipment fee for return.

By listing your product on our site you hereby accept our return policy.

Policy on sales of used spare parts

Sellers accept that all used parts listed on the website are in good working condition and they are imported legally to the country (direct Belgium) with all duties paid.

Tarpem will categorize refurbished or worked spare parts listed as used as violation of rule number 4 of removal and termination of seller agreement.

i agree to your terms and conditions to sell as a vendor.
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