Tarpem sell for millions of buyers across the country and we recognized the difficulty and issues that may arise in some rear occasion which can affect the quality of product.

Tarpem give grace of 4 days from the day of delivery to return any product that falls within our return criteria.

Seller can give additional return grace period if seller dim it fit to do so, buyers are advised to read sellers criteria before purchasing, and any addition return grace period added by the seller will be added to tarpem 4days return policy.

Acceptable reason for return

  • Damaged product (Must be return unused)
  • Delivery of wrong item (must be return sealed and unused)
  • Faulty item (Must be return without physical damage)
  • Refurbished or used product deliver as new (Must be return unused)
  • Product with wrong description (Must be return unused)

How to return.

Step1. Log on to your account, clink on return item and fill the return form.

Step 2. Call our customer care number.

Note: You can also call our customer service number

Return requirement

Proof of purchase (order number, invoice, and receipt)

Reason for return must comply with the above

Refund method clearly indicated (bank details or product replacement)

Return form returned with the product

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